Student Study Board

The Student Study board is a Miro Template for students in Higher Education to complete modules and assignments. These boards can also be used for group work, but are primarily a visual learner tool for self study.

When to use the Student Study Board?

As a student you are often given various different course documents, readings, concepts and other materials spread across physical books, handouts, Moodle, cloud storage and so on. This board is to bring all those materials together to make it easy to layout what you need to complete an essay or other assignment.

The board includes:

Quick Links - Link to your email, cloud storage, institution's email here.

Course Documentation - Module descriptors, Grading Rubric, Brief - essentially any documentation about how this module works and is going to be graded.

Dates - Put any important dates here

Readings - Drag and drop pdfs from your drive here

Theories - Theories, themes, etc go here.

Concept Map - Brainstorm ideas for your assignment

Group Work - Use this area to collaborate or upload any group work.

Presentation - Area for Miro or Powerpoint presentations.

Draft - Upload a google doc or Microsoft doc to work directly on the board.

Feedback - Upload any peer or teacher feedback you have received.

Assessment - Final essay or other assignment here.

Finished - A moment to celebrate!

Next up - Next module or project goes here.

Workplan - This is a simple to do, doing, done project management area.

Additionally there is a headings for Workshops and Forums. These can be used in more collaborative iterations of this board.


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I work creating online learning infrastructure for a variety of educational institutions and training programs.

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