Strategic Planning for Remote Organizations


Performing strategic planning is essential to every business. For remote organizations who are unable to meet in person, effective strategic planning is a challenge.

If you run a remote business or an organization where your team is spread out geographically or only connects virtually, it can be exceptionally difficult to ensure everyone is marching to the beat of the same drummer.

This template will provide you with a process and clear steps to not only develop a yearly plan but one that will outperform those typically prepared in person.

How to use this template

  1. Start with an icebreaker to get everyone primed and focused on strategic planning. 

  2. Establish ground rules for your strategic planning session and explain the purpose of the Epiphany Box and Parking Lot.

  3. Generate strategic ideas using the Collaborative SWOT activity.

  4. Filter and organize all your ideas using the Sort & Combine activity.

  5. Use the Rank activity to find your best ideas.

  6. Finally, pick your top five priorities, assign owners, and provide initial guidance.

Background Information

This template supports the Ideate and Prioritize phases of Virtira's Strategic Planning for Remote Organizations Course & eBook.

Instructions for each activity are provided in the template.


Example ideas and output are shared in the template for each activity.


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