Strategic Design Critique


What is it?

A design critique is a method of analyzing a design and giving feedback on whether it meets its objectives. Critiques are a unique exercise that can help you and your team polish their hard and soft skills.

A Strategic Design Critique involves examining the design not only from an aesthetic or functional standpoint but also considering the strategic goals, user needs, market positioning, and other factors that influence the success and effectiveness of the design solution. It focuses on the bigger picture and how the design aligns with the overarching strategy.

Why should I run a Design Critique with my team?

  • Empowers collaboration and inspiring dynamic

  • Builds team confidence

  • Improves your team and your work at the same time

  • Boosts hard and soft skills

How to use this template

Session setup & alignment

Start from the "Session setup & alignment board". Before putting any work on the workshop itself, it is important to unite the participants around a common understanding of what Design Critique is, and why it could be beneficial to you and your team.

  1. Go through each board and study the prerequisites for your future sessions. Feel free to make adjustments if needed.

  2. Compose your team and assign each individual a role

  3. Move to the "Working Area".

Working area

This is the bread and butter of your Design Critique Session.

  1. Fill in the Solution Brief and Designs for review boards before the workshop. Send all team members a link to the Critique Miro Board, so that they can get familiar with your project domain and solution.

  2. During the session present your project background from the solution brief and show the participants your designs.

  3. The critiquers provide feedback based on the presented brief and designs using the Feedback matrix.

  4. Wrap up the session by noting down some action items and next steps which could be later transformed into user stories.


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Yana Madzharova
Product Designer | Speaker | Mentor@VMware
I’m currently a Product Designer at VMware, in the lovely city of Sofia, Bulgaria. I'm a multidisciplinary designer who loves solving challenging problems. Curious by nature, I love connecting with and understanding people. I'm passionate about simplifying complex business processes, conducting user research, and providing effective design solutions. Collaboration and teamwork are my jam.
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