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SROI Calculation Canvas

About the template

SROI (social return on investment) is a key analysis to see openly how an organization builds and destroys value along the process of making a change in its environment. Decision-makers, with the evolving nature-centric trends, can now be more sensitive with their planning phases before taking actions.

This template is for everyone who is willing to take a closer look on social impact calculation and improve the fundamentals of their theory of change.

How to use this template

  • Make sure your participants understand clearly the characteristics of investment in which you focus on

  • Use the "Generic Product Lifecycle View" to situate your analysis and pick your calculation type

  • Follow the "SROI Basics" to gather proper data and alliances

  • Use "Calculation" in order to organize your figures and graphs

  • Gather related stakeholders around "Canvas" to go deeper with each category

  • Take actions accordingly when your impact results are ready

Project Management in Rural Development, Agriculture & Gastronomy
We're a group of social entrepreneurs who implement incubation and project management techniques, primarily in agriculture, in the range of rural development related subjects.
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