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The Sprint Goal template is designed for Scrum Teams looking to take their Sprint Planning and way of working to the next level by leveraging the power of Sprint Goals.

Ideal for Scrum Masters, Project Managers, and Scrum Teams, this tool enables a mission-style approach to Sprint Planning that improves collaboration and helps the team to deliver more value by shifting the focus away from what we’re doing towards what we’re trying to achieve and how it will make a difference.

Template Features:

  • Create a Common Understanding of Why Sprint Goals Matter. Ensure everybody has the same understanding of why Sprint Goals are crucial for overcoming obstacles and better delivering value.

  • Sprint Goal Readiness Check: Evaluate whether your team is ready to begin working with Sprint Goals, or there are other more important problems you probably should be tackling first.

  • Sprint Goals Workshop: a workshop that contains powerful questions you can use to create effective Sprint Goals that help your team to deliver more value.

  • FOCUS Acronym for Sprint Goals. FOCUS functions for Sprint Goals like INVEST for User Stories and will help your team to check whether you’ve set an effective and valuable Sprint Goal.

  • Sprint Goal anti-patterns: common anti-patterns you should watch out for as a Scrum Team and what you can do to prevent them.

Benefits of Using This Template:

  • Improved Collaboration: Keep all team members aligned on achieving the mission of the Sprint even as things go differently than expected.

  • Increased Productivity: Streamline the planning and executing by leveraging the power of clearly defined outcomes, by reducing time wasted on confusion or ambiguity.

  • Humble and Adaptive Planning: Quickly adjust to reality and what unfolds as as you do the work, with the Sprint Goal as your powerful guide.

Ideal for:

  • Scrum Masters: Facilitate effective sprint planning sessions that engage and motivate the team.

  • Project Managers: Maintain oversight of sprint goals and ensure they contribute to the project's success.

  • Scrum and Agile Teams: Collaborate efficiently in setting realistic and measurable sprint goals, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and achievement.

Utilize this Sprint Goal template to optimize your sprint planning session, make sure you’re ready to deal with the unexpected as it presents itself, an to deliver better results with each Sprint that passes!

How to use this template:

The template consists of easy steps you can follow and will hold your hand to guide you step by step to answer the following five questions:

  1. Why do Sprint Goals matter?

  2. Are we ready to use Sprint Goals as a team, or are there obstacles in our way we should address first?

  3. What is the Sprint Goal we should be working towards?

  4. How do we know we’ve formulated a strong Sprint Goal?

  5. What are the anti-patterns we should watch out for when we begin working with Sprint Goals?

Enjoy! And if you like it or have any feedback to make it even better, drop me a line by reaching out at miro@dalmyn.com.


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