Sketch Your Favorite Place Creative Warm-Up


About this template

A fun creative warm-up to get people thinking out of the box. The perfect activity before a brainstorm, team-building activity, or workshop.


Sketch your favorite place in the world.

  1. Grab a piece of virtual paper below 👇

  2. Use the pen tool (P) 🖊️

  3. Draw your favourite place in the world 🌍

  4. Name your creation and add your name below 🤩

  5. Share your sketch with everyone 📣

Time: 15 minutes


Chloë Humby image
Chloë Humby
Product Designer + Facilitator
Hey there, I’m Chloë. I love teaching and facilitating design workshops, bringing elements of play into my work, and creating and implementing new ideas.
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