Method Maze: Scrum vs. Kanban Adventure


Embark on an interactive workshop designed to guide and inspire teams, whether newly formed or seasoned, in understanding and owning the decision on selecting the optimal framework for managing work. With a duration of 90-120 minutes, this experience is tailored to teams with a collective and exploratory mindset.


  • The Team: Comprised of 2-15 members with a collaborative spirit, eager to explore.

  • The Agile Overlord: A facilitator guiding discussions and imparting key insights to aid in decision-making.

How to Play

  1. Read the Statement: Each room presents a question or statement for team consideration.

  2. Agile Overlord's Proclamation: Receive brief expert guidance from the Agile Overlord and seasoned team members on Scrum and Kanban differences, pros, and cons.

  3. Team Discussion: Engage in a 5-minute discussion to deliberate on which methodology suits your project best, balancing personal preferences with project requirements.

  4. Dot Voting: Each team member casts a vote by placing a dot on their chosen door, allowing for individual perspectives.

  5. Summarize the Outcome: Tally the votes to determine the predominant choice between Scrum and Kanban for your next project endeavor.

  6. Sign The Alliance Agreement: Solidify your team's commitment to the chosen methodology and set a timeline for revisiting this decision.

"Method Maze" is a light-hearted voyage towards collective understanding, and a tool that sparks the needed conversations when selecting the optimal approach tailored to your team's dynamics and project needs.

Hopefully it can serve as a well-needed reminder that almost any type of work can be designed in a way that is fun and engaging. Let the adventure commence!


This template is inspired by Blue Prince - a genre-defying mystery puzzle game, set to be published by Raw Fury.


Feedback is always appreciated! Don't be a stranger - reach out on LinkedIn or comment below if you have any ideas on how to improve this template.


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Alex Skepp
Organizational Director@Raw Fury
I get ridiculously excited about being part of or supporting any type of progress or achieving neat things. Not so much about what's considered to be agile and what isn't.
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