Research: Align & Define 🎯


Why use it?

Developing a good research framework is not easy. But don't worry, here we share our secret weapon with you.

Our Align & Define board will guide you and your team to create a clear and feasible research framework with quantitative and qualitative methods to identify patterns in the attitudes and users' behaviours.

How to use it?

By following these 2 steps, you will be able to align yourself with your team and jointly define the research actions.

Align – Why?

 What are our general objectives?

 What questions do we want to solve?

 What do we need to know?

Define – How? and what?

 What are the most important things we want to know? What type of data do we need to answer our research questions?

 Which methods and tools can help us collect the information that we need? Includes a guide with 8 UX and design research methods.

 Verify your framework includes quantitative and qualitative methods, and three research actions to triangulate your findings.

What have we used it for?

  •  Kick-off research project.

  • Align stakeholders and teams toward research objectives

  •  Teach research methods

May the research be with you 

We have based our Align & Define workshop on the Nielsen Norman Group article: Landscape of User Research Methods by Christian Rohrer (2014). 


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