Recruiting Intake / Alignment Meeting


Use this template to help your recruiters in their intake calls with hiring managers. This template will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the process. This template helps with:

  • Understanding the hiring needs

  • Customising the recruitment strategy

  • Setting clear expectations

  • Building a strong relationship

  • Improving candidate experience

  • Reducing misalignment

How to use the Recruiting Intake Meeting Template:

This template is designed to streamline your recruiting process and ensure a successful intake meeting with the hiring team. Follow these steps to make the most of this template:

  1. Start by familiarizing yourself with the template's structure. It includes sections such as "Overview of the Role," "Must Haves vs. Nice to Haves," "Compensation & Internal Comparators," and more.

  2. Begin the intake meeting by discussing the business need for opening the role. Identify the problem or obstacle that this new hire will help solve.

  3. Use the "Must Haves vs. Nice to Haves" section to outline the essential qualifications and skills required for the role. This will help you prioritize candidate evaluation criteria.

  4. Dive deeper into the candidate profile by considering their background, skills, and experience. Use the "USP's (to sell to a candidate)" section to highlight unique selling points about the role and the company.

  5. Review the team org chart to understand where the new hire will fit in the organization. This will provide clarity on their scope of responsibility.

  6. Discuss compensation and internal comparators. Use the "Compensation & Internal Comparators" section to add benchmarking data and ranges for the role.

  7. Explore internal referrals and sourcing strategies. Utilize the "Internal Referrals" and "Sourcing - Talent Pool" sections to identify potential candidates and sources.

  8. Familiarize yourself with the hiring principles outlined in the template. These principles guide the recruitment process and ensure alignment with company values.

  9. Customize the template to fit your specific needs. Add any additional sections or questions that are relevant to your organization's hiring process.

  10. Finally, agree on timelines and block times in diaries for CV reviews, screening, and other recruitment activities. Establish a regular cadence for progress updates.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can effectively utilize the "Recruiting Intake Meeting Template" to streamline your recruiting process and ensure a successful intake meeting.


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