Problem Framing Canvas


Problem Framing Canvas for new business and innovation opportunities.

Our Problem Framing Canvas enables Value Proposition Leads and Innovation Managers to identify innovation and new business opportunities and build a robust value proposition pipeline.

When to use this canvas

With so many approaches and tools, knowing where to start when building a value proposition pipeline can feel overwhelming. Our simple canvas reduces all that complexity and helps you formulate strong problem statements.

You can use the Problem Framing canvas by yourself - to visualize existing information and organize your thoughts-, or you can use it together with decision-makers to achieve strategic alignment. If you choose the latter, we recommend doing research to gather all the data, statistics, and information needed in the Canvas so that your decision-makers base their problem statement on facts. For more details about running a Problem Framing workshop for strategic alignment, please check Design Sprint Academy’s corporate and individual courses.

How it works

Our canvas has four main areas:

  1. Idea, solution, hypothesis, challenge, or problem to focus on

  2. The business context

  3. The customer context

  4. Problem Statement

By following all the steps in the canvas, you will frame and reframe your idea or challenge multiple times:

  • from the present to the past and the future

  • from business to customer

  • from looking inward to looking outward

  • from positive to negative

In the end, you will gain a 360-degree perspective allowing you to formulate powerful problem statements and build your propositions pipeline.


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