Pitch Mission Hell, Paradise and Job


What is this:

The Customer Hell, Paradise, and Product (Solution) Template is a strategic tool designed to help entrepreneurs, product managers, marketers, and other stakeholders articulate a compelling value proposition. It offers a systematic way to capture and communicate the problem a customer faces (Customer Hell), the ideal state a customer aspires to (Customer Paradise), and how the product or service offers a solution (Product).

How it works?

This tool allows you to map out the journey your customer undertakes, from experiencing the problem to enjoying the solution. By explicitly identifying and understanding the 'hell' that your customer experiences and the 'paradise' they seek, you can more effectively tailor your product to meet their needs and communicate its value. It can guide product development, marketing messaging, and overall strategy.

How to use:

1. Identify Customer Hell: Start by identifying who your customers are and define the problem or discomfort they face, i.e., their "hell". Be as specific and detailed as possible, and ensure to describe the context in which this problem occurs. Understanding this context can help you identify why the problem is relevant and severe.

2. Define Customer Paradise: Now, describe the ideal state or the "paradise" your customers seek. This is the situation in which their problem is solved or their needs are met. Again, be specific and detailed, illustrating what life looks like for the customer once their problem is alleviated.

3. Articulate Product (Solution): Finally, describe your product or service as the solution or bridge that helps your customers move from their hell to their paradise. Be clear about how your product resolves the problem and helps customers achieve their desired state.

4. Review and Refine: Review your value proposition and refine it until it clearly and compellingly communicates the transformation your product enables.

5. Implement: Use your refined value proposition in product development, marketing communications, sales pitches, and other customer-facing activities. Regularly revisit and revise it as you gain more insights about your customers.

This tool is an iterative process, so keep refining your understanding of the Customer Hell, Paradise, and Product as you learn more about your customers.



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