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A persona, unlike a target group or typology, should depict exactly one representative of the target group. The goal is to define an exemplary person and to record his or her motivation for the purchase decision. A persona does not focus on demographic data like age, gender and profession. Instead, it is primarily about personal goals, motivation and barriers in life.

With this template you can create a realistic persona.

Personality traits are embedded in a little story. We have integrated fields for life situation, descriptions of the person itself, goals, jobs to be done, gains and pains, use of technology and communication behavior and channels. An important point is the visualization. It is best to not only visualize the person but also the environment. All about communication, social environment, nutrition, mobility, brands and so on. No fear of exaggeration!

With the help of the template, you can create a really tangible short description that you can use for the development of communication, products or services. Creating a persona in a team creates common understanding and commitment. Through the goal-based concrete form, even uninvolved people understand better what is important to you.

With a persona you describe a specific person as a living representative of a target group.


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