Persona Map 🙋🏻


Why use it?

Persona development helps create alignment within teams, achieve a common understanding of the group of users we need to focus on and humanize users. With Personas, we avoid creating solutions or features for extreme users or for situations outside the context of our real users. In general, Personas help us streamline processes, avoid wasting resources, and empathize with our users.

How to use it?

Building a persona requires prior research to understand real users. A Persona developed based on your mere perception or idea of ​​the users can be counterproductive, as you run the risk of guiding your team down the wrong path and wasting time and resources. The first step in creating a Persona is therefore research. 🤓

👉Collect data from at least three different sources, such as (1) reports and databases on your users or competitors, (2) surveys, (3) interviews.

👉 Share this information with your team.

👉 Discuss the findings with your team and organize them by themes.

👉 Once the information is grouped, give your Persona a name and define the scenario of the users where your product or service is relevant.

👉 Collect the key findings of your research on a Persona Map. This process will help you define and visualize the most important characteristics of your Persona.

What have we used it for?

☝️Summarize user research

☝️Understand user groups

☝️Emphatize with end-users

☝️Align teams in the right direction

☝️Artifact(s) for a user-centric culture


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