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The Mooncamp OKR Planning Template is a thorough 3-4h workshop to guide companies and teams in creating laser-focused OKRs.

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are a collaborative way of setting and managing goals to create more transparency, alignment, focus, and ownership among teams. Objectives are inspiring goals that contribute to the business's long-term success, while Key Results represent the outcome-driven checkpoints in achieving those goals.

When to use the Mooncamp OKR Planning Template

Coming up with OKRs can feel like rocket science. This remote workshop can provide a remedy by guiding the participants through the process step by step. Detailed workshop instructions and additional resources give an overview of the OKR methodology and help phrasing best-practice Objectives and Key Results. This template can be used on both company and team level.

How to use the Mooncamp OKR Planning Template

An OKR planning workshop should be guided by a moderator and should not have more than 10 participants. It lasts between 3 to 4 hours and happens at the start of every new OKR cycle (for most companies, this is every quarter).

  1. Preparation: The moderator's responsibility is to inform the participants in advance about the date and time, the agenda, and the overall workshop concept. For this, the first canvas, the two attached breakout boxes, and the Miro board notes come into play.

  2. Introduction: To set the stage, use the "Intro" space. This is the first official part of the workshop and should not be skipped. 30-45 minutes should be enough for the introduction and one ice breaker game. Ideas and further resources can be found in the breakout boxes.

  3. Creating OKRs: This is the central part of the workshop and can take up to 3 hours in total. To maintain focus on the most critical opportunities, you should not exceed 5 objectives and have a maximum of 5 key results per objective. For the OKR brainstorming, follow the instructions and pay close attention to the checklist boxes next to the canvas. To narrow down and formulate your OKRs, exercises and further resources can be found in the breakout boxes.

  4. OKR Overview: The last canvas in the template is the OKR tree overview. Fill it with your freshly created OKRs and export the canvas to share it with your team – digitally or printed.


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