Note Taking for Usability Testing


About the Template:

Welcome to our comprehensive note-taking template designed to streamline your note-taking process and enhance your research endeavors. This template is structured to optimize your note-taking space, providing a systematic approach to capturing essential information during your sessions.

Who Can Use This Template:

This versatile template is ideal for researchers, UX designers, product managers, and anyone involved in user testing and experience optimization. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, this template will guide you through organizing your notes effectively.

How to Use This Template:

Simply follow the structured layout of the template, which is divided into different note types such as click notes, observation notes, quotes, numerical notes, and general questions. Each section is tailored to capture specific insights and feedback from your research sessions.

What This Helps You Accomplish:

By utilizing this template, you can efficiently document user behaviors, preferences, and feedback. This organized approach will enable you to analyze data and identify patterns far more effectively and make informed decisions to enhance user experiences on your app or website.

Tips and Best Practices:

Assign roles for note-takers to ensure comprehensive coverage of the sessions.

Use color codes consistently for different types of notes to facilitate quick reference.

Regularly review and consolidate your notes to extract meaningful insights.

Encourage collaboration and discussion among team members based on the shared notes.

Continuously refine your note-taking process based on feedback and experience.

I hope that this template will revolutionize your research practices and make your note-taking experience both efficient and insightful. Happy note-taking!


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Ziwei Wang
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User Researcher, Service Designer and Strategist passionate about promoting positive behavioural and societal changes with solid research insights.
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