Naming Product Workshop


If you are creating or revamping a product / service and you are in the phase to define the name of the product/service, this workshop is perfect for you.

This workshop contain content about the importance of a name and the process to define it. It has been build thank to the study "How to name your product or business" written by Nick Kolenda - Philosophy consummer

You'll discover the 4 types of name that exist, what are the impact of each and workshops created for each type of name.

This workhsop could be good for marketing team, product manager, product designer.


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Anne-Audrey Gounot
Lead UX strategist@Ubisoft
I'm a Lead User Experience Designer with a digital UI design background. Trained in accessibility and sensitive to eco-design, I am active in advocating more sustainable and inclusive design. In my current job, my role is to actively maintain a clear understanding of the employee needs, make connection with potential internal partners/ stakeholders and help to make the best decisions in influencing the products' vision and the priorities.
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