Marketing Campaign Timeline


A marketing campaign timeline allows you to create a detailed plan for your marketing campaign and evaluate it. It helps you ensure that all activities involved in the marketing campaign from the planning stage to the evaluation stage are done at the right time, through the right process and within your set budget.

Benefits of a marketing campaign timeline

1. You get clarity of goals and tasks that are needed to be done.

2. It ensures adequate allocation of time and resources.

3. It helps you to track the marketing process and make improvements where needed.

4. It allows you to prepare for potential risks and find solutions to them.

How to use

1. Conduct a business analysis: Access your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and potential audiences.

2. Set clear marketing goals: Decide on what you want to achieve and work towards them.

3. Decide on your marketing strategy: Determine the strategy that would enable you to reach your goals.

4. Create a team and assign tasks: Have a team that is dedicated to achieving your marketing goals and assign task to team members.

5. Create a schedule/ deadline: Set a deadline for when tasks are to be completed so team member can perform tasks in a timely manner

6. Decide on a budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on the campaign and allocate budget to the various tasks involved.

7. Create a risk management plan: Create a risk management plan to anticipate potential risks so that you can successfully tackle them.


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