The Magic Kitchen Retrospective


Welcome to this new experience with The Magic Kitchen, where you will find infinite food. Are you ready? ✨

Invite people to choose food from the magic kitchen

All participants should take a table and write their names

Step 1

Let's share food 🍏

Choose a name label and write the participant's name over it. Around the magic kitchen there is a lot of food, allowing the participants to take food. They could put on the table their snacks , fruits and emojis :D. drag the food you want is infinite!!

Step 2

The biggest kitchen is the one in your heart ❤️

Write in the sticky notes the things that you consider to be most positive in your heart and that contribute to the team to make it a strong team. Then put the sticky note around the happy heart wall

Step 3

The pizza you don't allow 🍕

Write on the sticky notes the things that you don't allow within your team, could be negative things

Step 4

Next steps 🖍️

According to the step 2 and 3, use the miro's voting tool to establish the most important points that we want to turn into next steps or action plans. Only put on the wall three sticky notes

Hint: You can change the time boxing it depends of your facilitation and the size of the team ;)


I'm an Agile Coach from Colombia, I love to create different templates for people in new collaborative tools like miro :) it's a pleasure to share my knowledge and crazy ideas with you
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