Lean Coffee Cafe


Lean Coffee Cafe

Welcome to the Lean Coffee Cafe! Today, we have a caffeine-infused three-course menu - we start with items to discuss, then we'll proceed to items we're currently discussing, and finally, items that we've discussed. ☕

As a team, start by adding discussion topics to the "To Discuss" section and then vote on them to see the priority in which it would need to be discussed.

Pick the top most prioritized discussion topic and move that to the "Discussing" section. While you're in this section, you can add more post-it notes around it to capture what the team is talking about around this topic.

Finally, move the discussion topic, its related notes, and potential actions to the "Discussed" section. Now, repeat this process until all the discussion topics from the "To Discuss" section are complete or your time is up.

Happy coffee sipping!


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Clyde D'Souza
Software Engineer and Author
Hi, I'm Clyde. I'm a software engineer based in Auckland, New Zealand. I write about various technologies, teach online classes, make videos, and I'm also the author of a children's bedtime storybook!
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