How can we help our teams?


This exercise can surface ideas for team performance and team productivity improvements.

Step 1:

  • For each of the 5 questions, each Manager drags one of their dots into one of the three quadrants - happy, neutral, sad.

  • Each Manager then connects the dots using the "drawing" tool to create their line graph.

Step 2:

  • Each Manager talks through their line graph explaining why they chose the respective happy, neutral, sad emoji for the respective question.

  • While the Manager is talking through their line graph - the other managers are listening and creating stickies in the column offering up suggestions/recommendations/questions to discuss later.

Step 3:

For each column/Manager - do a round-robin, every Manager gets to talk through their stickies offering up suggestions/solutions/questions to the column/Manager. Repeat so that each Manager has heard from all other managers any suggestions/recommendations.


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