Heuristic Evaluation


The template is a detailed checklist for 10 universal heuristics

It helps systematize, put up to speed, and compare usability scores of different products. 
It helps designers and researchers get a shared understanding across the team and establish a base mark for improvements. 

How to use it

Take the most common business use scenarios for your product. As researcher goes through the scenarios and then evaluates the product on 10 universal UX Heuristics. Ask two other researchers to do the same. Each criterion is followed by a short description of the ideal user experience. Each (detailed) point of criteria can be scored on a six-point scale (0–5), where 5 means ideal experience:

Score 5 — where the user is meaningfully guided through task flow and doesn’t waste any time on checking, pondering what control means, or trying it out.

Score 0 — means no positive user experience, and a function that is against the user's mental model makes the user fail in his goals. The user feels blamed by the application and has to memorize many settings across screens and is prone to errors with input and controls that don’t facilitate but mercifully allow a user to submit values.

Score 3 — is positive but demands improvements. The User can eventually accomplish his task, but there are better alternatives.

The result is the average taken from all questions from a section and expressed in a percentage, where 100% means all 5s.


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