Great Outdoors Retrospective


This is a retrospective dedicated to GREAT OUTDOORS!! 

This retro board touches on pertinent Sprint Retro key points such as "What went well, Shoutouts, Roadblocks, How can we improve, and so on. Retro kicks off with an icebreaker and ends with an executable table of action items.  Tip! Play some music in the background while the team is writing the notes.

Would you rather Great Outdoors edition: 

For the icebreaker, we have a Would you Rather Great outdoors edition! Rules are simple, Set a timer and allow each member of the team to copy + paste an emoji to the side of the board they rather would have. Once the timer is up, open the floor for discussion about the options the team members select, and know them a little better.

Fresh Air:

This is the fun part which describes what went well in the sprint and all the achievements during this time.

Dark Caves:

Okay, this is not the easiest part but needs to be done. This section describes what were the roadblocks faced during the last sprint. Things that didn’t go well and need to be improved. 


This section is an opportunity to drop some kudos and let your teammates know how much their contributions mean to you and how much you appreciate them.


This section talks about how can your team improve and not make the same mistakes as in previous sprint 

Used it? Loved It?

I'd love your feedback on this template or any others I've published. Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn below. 

Happy Retro-ing!  


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Namrata Yadav
Technical business analyst@WebstaurantStore
I am an IT professional with over 6 years of experience. I am certified ScrumMaster (CSM) and a technical business analyst with experience leading team of Software Architect, Developers, DBA's, QA's and PO. Most of my experience has been around manual and automation testing with transitioning to a Business analyst role about about 6 months ago. I also have experience being a product owner. I hold a technical diploma, bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering
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