Fishbone Diagram


The Fishbone Diagram is a powerful visual tool used to identify and analyze the root causes of a problem or issue. It gets its name from its shape, which resembles the skeleton of a fish. The diagram helps teams brainstorm and organize potential causes into categories, making it easier to understand the underlying factors contributing to the problem.

In this Fishbone Diagram frame, you can collaborate with your team to investigate the causes of a specific problem or dysfunction. Start by identifying the main problem or symptom in the 'Our current problem' section. Then, use the 'Causes' branches to list the potential root causes that could be contributing to the problem.

To dive deeper into each cause, you can use the 'Sub-cause' branches to break them down further. This allows you to explore different aspects or factors related to each cause. By visually mapping out the causes and sub-causes, you can gain a better understanding of the complex relationships between them.

The Fishbone Diagram frame in Miroverse provides a collaborative space for your team to brainstorm, analyze, and discuss the root causes of a problem. It encourages cross-functional collaboration and helps generate insights that can lead to effective solutions and improvements.

Remember to involve your team members in the process, as their diverse perspectives and expertise can contribute to a comprehensive analysis. Once completed, the Fishbone Diagram can serve as a valuable reference and guide for problem-solving and decision-making.

Feel free to customize this frame to fit your specific needs and adapt it to different projects or situations. Happy analyzing!


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Dave Westgarth
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Dave Westgarth is currently working as a Delivery Manager @ BJSS. He serves on software development, automation, cloud and AI/ ML projects across the spectrum of delivery approaches.
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