FES Model



The template's purpose is to identify the gaps in perception your team, users, and stakeholders are having against your product.


The following steps describe the process you will need to implement to apply this template:

Step 1 - Product Validation

Based on your product concept and strategy, identify the ideal position of your product based on the three dimensions.

Step 2 - User Research

Identify the position of your product, based on user perception.

Step 3 - Stakeholder Validation

Identify the position of your product, based on stakeholder perception.

Step 4 - Product Strategy

Once you have the three perceptions (Team, Users, and Stakeholders), identify the gaps you have and restructure the product strategy, content, and roadmap, based on the moves you want to apply.

Step 5 - Product Implementation

Define a roadmap with your team, stakeholders, and the marketing team to implement the next steps.

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Michel Hauzeur
Product Design & Innovation Leader@Nearsure
I am the Product Design & Innovation Leader at Nearsure, and the CGO at La Corte de los Búhos. I am also part of the Product League Mentors and Product Makers Mentors.​ I have more than 14+ years of working experience in technology projects and have been working as a Product Manager for the past 8 years. ​ One of his most successful projects was the migration of more than 250,000 users to a new and personalized platform for a well-known financial company in Colombia.
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