Experience Map


Experience mapping looks at your customer’s end to end experience with your brand to identify areas ripe for improvement and innovation. We use this Miro board to uncover what customers are doing, thinking and feeling throughout their journey.

  • Educate outside agent on the process

  • Set client expectations early

  • Educate client on what Mortgage Success is

  • Educate client on why refinancing is a good option

  • Show a success screen that informs client of their pre-qualification and introduces Mortgage Success agents, with ability to book an appointment


Josh Zak image
Josh Zak
Product Strategist & Co-founder
Josh works with clients to identify opportunities for growth through high-value digital solutions. For just shy of a decade, Josh has been designing world-class experiences for leading tech companies. His focus is on UX strategy that adds long term value to our clients' products.
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