Employee Validation of a Culture Design


Engage employees in collaborative validation of Cultural Behaviors Framework Design*, and iterate the framework based on their feedback.

Key elements


  1. Always start with the Why, giving your participants enough context.

  2. Articulate Design Principles to ensure an aligned view among participants on what they are validating.

  3. Zoom out and show a bigger picture of an overall culture design process: who is involved, what inputs and data have been considered, what is the timeline, and where we are in that process?

Collaboration space itself:

Provide clear instructions on how participants are expected to provide their comments and votes.


  • Depending on your design process, you might use this template either as a live workshop or asynchronous focus group. In case you do it async, use the Talktrack feature to voice over the introduction and collaboration instructions.

  • Depending on your company culture and audience preferences, you might do an open collaborative session as is, or replace dot-voting with an anonymous Voting Plugin and the opportunity to leave feedback on stickies in a Private Mode.

* - Collaborative validation of cultural artifacts helps drive the adoption of those once designed. It's true for designing company values, behaviors, and other norms and ways of working. Validation by the end-users (in our case — company employees) is an element of a Human-Centered Design framework.

This template was developed and used by Miro Talent Development & Culture Team while designing and validating Miro Behaviors in 2022-2023.


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Anya Dvornikova
Learning Design Program Lead@Miro
Enthusiastic about shaping the future of teamwork and culture by design! I use human-centered design and design thinking methods to co-create people programs around culture, community, employee engagement and learning.
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