Why use Do Feel Know?

  • To make sure you achieve that outcome that you are looking for from any form of meeting or change management

  • To make sure you focus your time with others on the right things

  • To help you take an outside-in perspective of what needs to be done

  • Example: One time at a client we planned a major workshop in an agile transformation. One of us had done a specific workshop in a similar situation before, and suggested we'd do that one here as well.

After running Do Feel Know, we quickly realized that workshop wouldn't give the wanted effects here. And with the help of Do Feel Know we created a different agenda - which led us to success. Time well spent on the Do Feel Know…

What is Do Feel Know?

  • It is a simple and fast tool that lets you zoom out to what you want to achieve with a meeting, a class, a workshop, or any gathering.

  • And from that, you find out what you need to say or do to make that happen.

  • And it usually only takes a few minutes.

  • You can find many articles about Know Feel Do (or Know Do Feel) usually as a communication model. In this case we focus on what we want others to do after out time together - that's why we start with the Do.

  • This way it is a bit similar to impact mapping, but maybe simpler.

When do you use it…?

  • Whenever you are creating an agenda, for example for a meeting, a class, a workshop, a change initiative, an event - use this simple fast tool to really nail that outcome you are looking for.

  • Once you've tried it, you'll probably never plan a workshop or such without thinking about Do Feel Know

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