Diagnostic Workshop


What is this template about

This template is specially designed for a diagnostic workshop. It allows you to identify key project stakeholders, understand the company's current problem areas and prioritize them correctly, find out what steps have already been taken to solve existing problems and see the direction for further action.

Why did we create this template

A long time ago, we made it a rule that as soon as we get a brief, we never immediately take it on. Why? Very often, the creation of brand positioning is perceived as a magic pill for the most important problem or issue. As a result, a company develops a brand, but the essence of this issue may be completely different. Sometimes it's just hard for the team to figure out what the key issue is as such because it seems to them that all issues are important and urgent. In order to avoid such situations, we conduct a preliminary diagnostic workshop, which helps to see the full picture.

When this template is most useful

This template can be used:

  • at the very beginning of the project to ensure that everyone is on the same page and provide the core team with a uniform understanding of the project goals

  • for the prompt acquaintance with the project of new participants

  • for inspiration and goal-setting actions throughout the project

We use this template when working on employer branding projects (there are specially marked sections for this in the frameworks), as well as when working on any other types of projects.

Who might benefit from this template

  • Core project team (persons directly involved in the project)

  • Any other interest groups

How to use this template

Detailed instructions for using the template can be found on the board (they are located a little to the left of the frameworks).


This workshop is based on both well-known academic frameworks (such as the Eisenhower Matrix) and our own approaches and practices that allow teams to make the necessary decision.


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We are Mode. We specialize in strategic facilitation of decentralized teams. We know how important it is for teams to work in close collaboration with each other. We know how difficult it is to achieve this goal when people in a team are geographically far from each other. We are focused on ensuring your team creates solutions that will inspire them at each stage of implementation. Our key task is the performance of your team in full collaboration and synchronization with each other.
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