Design Challenge Framework



This is a template for design challenge and it follows the simple format of Why, Who, Where & When and What. I created this template for interviewees to solve whiteboard design challenges.


Anyone can make use of this template to solve any design challenge where user centered design is the main goal.


  • Whiteboard design challenge

  • Interviews

  • Design sprints sessions

  • Brainstorming/Ideating


  1. Start with the section of "Why/The Goal", Where you can define the goal, the pain points of the user.

  2. Then you can move on to exploring the user persona in the section "Who/The Persona" to create an outline of what the user could be like, their demographic details (Eg: Name, Age, Sex, Profession etc.), their motivations, frustrations and needs.

  3. Next you can provide a context and scenarios of where and when in the section "Where and When/The Context".

  4. Lastly, you can brainstorm to come up with ideas, features and solutions in the section "What/The Solution".


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Ayan Das
Senior Product Designer@Deloitte
I am a Senior Product Designer based out of India working on several projects in fintech and ecommerce with Deloitte. I represent the underrepresented and I love designing near to perfect experiences for my users. :)
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