Content Vision Board


This board is a practical tool for creative teams to craft and organize their content strategies across various platforms. It's streamlined to support brainstorming, aligning on content goals, and outlining the necessary steps to bring our creative vision to life.

Board Features

  • Content Vision Across Platforms: Outline how your brand/product/service’s content should look and feel, whether it’s on social media, our website, or print.

  • Asset Match-Up: Connect creative assets like images and copy to your key brand attributes and audience insights to ensure a consistent message.

  • Group Assessment: Discuss and evaluate your approaches to different aspects of content creation, from initial engagement to long-term brand building.

  • Target Audience & Persona: Define who you're speaking to by detailing your audience's characteristics and crafting personas that guide your content direction.

  • Pathways to Desired Outcomes: List what you want to achieve with your content and brainstorm activities that will get your team there.

Using the Board

  • Follow the instructions for a smooth experience with the board's interactive elements.

  • Utilize Miro Assist for efficient idea synthesis and development during the process.

Working with the Board

  • Use the board to foster collaboration on content ideas and strategy.

  • Integrate insights to develop a clear and actionable content plan.

Expected Results

By the end of your session, you'll have a content plan that clearly defines what you want to achieve and how you plan to reach your content goals, ready for implementation.


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Tirelle LM Barron
Human Centered Designer/Researcher, CEO@TBR "The Barron Review"
Hey there! I am a passionate designer and dedicated researcher committed to illuminating the intricacies of the systems we interact with daily. My expertise spans user research, product development, and creative strategy, where I champion participatory processes. Central to my design and research approach is fostering an environment of trust amongst stakeholders, curating emotive user experiences, and providing choices that empower informed decision-making.
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