Connected Health Kit


Connected Health Kit: A toolkit designed to help co-create digital solutions for real-life health industry workflows and medical environments.

What is the Connected Health Kit?

The Connected Health Kit is a free-to-use collaborative tool designed for the health industry. It serves two specific purposes: to analyze complex workflows, and facilitate the creation of new, data-enabled solutions for a wide variety of medical environments, processes and use cases.

The kit’s purpose is to help identify areas with room for improvement, and create connected digital service concepts that utilize data and digital interfaces to simplify workflows and build better customer journeys. It’s effective, engaging and easy – but also fun for teams to use!

The kit enables users to:

  • Analyze the dynamics and relationships of complex health industry ecosystems - including medical device infrastructure, patient journeys, data flows, and laboratory research - and identify collaboration gaps as well as new business opportunities

  • Assess existing workflows in medical environments, and identify their problems and opportunity areas

  • Co-create new service concepts to address existing problems in various contexts, such as hospitals, remote care or labs

  • Envision and ideate future workflows based on emerging trends and technologies

How does it work?

The Connected Health Kit consists of three major components: maps, tokens and cards.

Maps: Two grid-like maps serve as the empty canvas context for your use case. Use the maps to illustrate your status quo in Part 1 and to ideate high-level solutions in Part 2.

Tokens: Tokens are representations of patients, medical staff, researchers, laboratory devices and equipment which move around the environment. Context tokens help to describe and demonstrate the physical area involved, for example research centers, hospitals, medical procedure rooms and science labs. You can also use tokens to show the movement of data and information in a scenario or system.

Cards: The kit comes with eight categories of cards that help you determine which devices, sensors, interfaces and touch points are relevant in different phases of the service and journey.

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