Community Spots Map


WHAT is it?

The online Community Spot Map is useful at the beginning of a project. The tool is based on the Miro platform and allows students to discuss and choose favourable and unfavourable sites fortheir project. The students can attach photographs, descriptions and comments to the map.

WHY teach it?

Online learning can present some hurdles to students in working collaboratively. This tool is a viable means to overcome these hurdles, as it enables students to develophabits of accumulating results while engaging in preliminary data collection and understandingtheir project sites. The online environment also provides the flexibility to include multi-media information.

HOW to do it?

To do this, follow these two steps: First, click on any area of the sample map until a blue frame shows up, and thendelete the sample map.

Second, on the side toolbar look for the ‘upload’ icon and then choose to upload files from ‘my device’. Adjust the size of the uploaded image until it fits the size of the white can vas. You can also add online contents,such as YouTube videos,onto the map, for which you also usethe ‘upload’ icon).


The programme introduces the concept and application of social innovation and design thinking into the secondary school curriculum. This is to complement STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education with social and humanity dimensions and nurture students to be social innovators. Social innovation workshops will be organised for students and teachers, while multi-media interactive teaching kits will also be developed in this regard.
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