Co-Creating Strategy


Co-creating a shared vision is an interactive board to collaborate with your team to create a vision (moonshot) ánd take steps to put this in action. The total duration of the process is 6-8 hours, but you can easily break it down in smaller steps of 3-4 hours. We recommend to split the vision and action part into 2 separate sessions.


In the past, it was common for senior leadership to take the lead in defining an organization's vision. However, to promote shared ownership and leverage the skills of the entire organization, it has become more common to create this vision together.

Through this board you will experience how this collaborative process works and learn from past examples.

This board was designed to showcase at Distributed ’23 and contains tools and instructions to build your own collaborative strategy session.

For the full experience, our professionals at STUDIO.WHY are excited to lend a helping hand and to get you started!

When to use Co-Creating a Shared Vision?

If you are a facilitator or leadership looking to facilitate a strategy session with a team:

  • Build your session following the steps on the first floor, it gets you prepped to the max.

  • Send the board to the participants in advance for them to practice their Miro skills and maybe do some homework, to fully engage in the session.

  • Add it to your board and follow the steps with the team, and bring them to the moon…and back!

How does the board work?

Step 1: Select “Use template” to get started interacting with the board

Step 2: Head over to the Hallway for some Miro hacks and instructions on how to use the board.

Step 3: Dive into Miro and have fun interacting with the board ánd eachother.

Feel free to make adjustments to match your own needs. Miro is flexible like that!

This board covers three main areas:

Area 1: Preparation is everything Learn how to get ready to launch your strategy session (1st Floor)

Area 2: Moonshot Experiencing the use of a practical template to co-create a shared vision through interaction (2nd Floor)

Area 3: Project Kick off Returning back to earth and actually making the steps to take tangible (3rd Floor)


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