Co-design Storyboard


This board helps support the first stage of idea generation for co-designing online or blended courses.

The storyboard is composed of learning types cards, digital methods cards and an expandable grid featuring 3 sets of TLAs or Teaching and Learning Activities. The learning types derive from the Learning Designer tool which is based on Laurillard's Conversational Framework - a model of what it takes to teach and learn.

You can introduce a team to the six learning types using the embedded video and then work through 3 steps to create initial ideas for online or blended courses using the storyboard:

Step 1: start your learning design by dragging learning types cards to the storyboard to represent the learning experiences you want to combine to create your online/blended Teaching and Learning Activities.

Step 2: drag digital methods that correspond to the learning type (identifiable by colour) to the storyboard.

Step 3: adjust the timings (set by default at 15 minutes for each activity).

This is a light touch approach to learning design suitable for the initial ideas stage. After this stage it is recommended to transfer these initial ideas to the Learning Designer tool ( to develop the design.


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Eileen Kennedy
Principal Research Fellow@UCL
Eileen Kennedy is a Principal Research Fellow at UCL Knowledge Lab, where she is exploring the transformative potential of digital technologies in higher and professional education. Her research focuses on developing learning design tools, scaling up online collaborative learning (e.g. through CoMOOCs or Co-designed Massive Open Online Collaborations) and researching the experience online learning. Eileen works with the Centre for Global Higher Education and the RELIEF Centre,
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