Mirogames 1.0

Mirogames — A new way to play

We’ve pushed the boundaries of how people collaborate in Miro by recreating our favorite games. These boards are for people to play together, so you can open up communication, break down barriers, and most of all — have fun. 

In Mirogames 1.0 we’ve recreated four classic games, so you can:

  • Checkmate your colleague in Chess

  • Try read your opponent Rock, Paper, Scissors

  • Manage group expectations in Monopoly

  • Survive among Snakes and Ladders

We’re working on building more Mirogames for you to play with friends and colleagues. If you’re developing a game and would like it to be considered for Mirogames 2.0, I’d love to hear from you.


RPA Developer
Extraodinary products is my passion. I like to create bulletproof frameworks and working team workspaces in Notion and Miro.
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