Create millions of new formats using this one template - The one retro to rule them all

On my journey to one hundred templates I've delved into movie, television, music, food, video games and even the Queens Jubilee - RIP Queen Elizabeth, all freely shared with the agile community.

But I wanted to do more.

Rather than just hand you all a pre-made templates, I wanted to empower you to create your own. To be inspired with ideas and build unique retros that you can share with the world.

Here's a few stats behind it;

- It features 77 different retro templates (and counting)

- It has 338 continuous improvement prompts to choose from

- It took me more hours than I care to share to build

- You can use it to build millions upon millions of different templates

There is enough permutations to keep your teams in fresh retrospectives until the heat death of the universe (perhaps a slight exaggeration).

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Chris Stone - The Virtual Agile Coach
The Virtual Agile Coach@Virtually Agile
Founder of Virtually Agile, for ten years now Chris has been fostering an environment for success of high-performing teams and organizations through the use of the agility. He's worked across a wide range of industries and with some of the largest organizations in the world, as well as with smaller, more lean enterprises.
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