Board Game Retrospective


A gamified retrospective template to make your meeting more fun and engaging. This game will ensure the active participation of all team members and allow you to have a productive retrospective!

  • Ask each member of the team to choose a game character. These avatars will represent them in the game. Ask them to write their names in the black sticky notes to choose, so others will know that this character is taken.

  • The oldest player on the team starts the game.

  • Ask the player to roll a dice using Miro's dice roll app. Pick the 6 sides dice. Drag the dice to the game board.

  • Move the character forward from the starting point by the number on the dice.

  • For "Good, Try New and Stop" areas, add your ideas to sticky notes and add them into related area.

  • For "Interesting" team members can share verbally.

  • For "Lucky Draw", team member can pick a box from the draw and facilitator reveals it.


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