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Hello once again!

Crr...Crr... phone is ringing! You know the feeling when the familiar tone starts and the thrill starts....Will the news be good or not?! Are you expecting call, or is it surprise?

So after I created the frames for Instagram, I figured that we can flip the frames to icebreaker, so you can use this thrill of the uncertainty to break the ice, or slip in a spark to your event as a game. Let the participants choose their phone and see if they received a good call or not.


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Chanez Khatirová
Delivery Coach@ACTUM Digital
Hi there!👋🏻 I'm Chanez, and some people might say I'm still a kid 👶🏼at heart, well maybe... My mind is always buzzing with ideas on how to turn the ordinary into something fun. I count myself lucky🍀 to be surrounded by inspiring, imaginative folks, which inspires me to look for ways, how to give our teams a cheer, and playground 🛝 experience.
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