100 Day Continuous Improvement Plan

  • This template helps a team identify opportunities for continuous improvement over a recommended 100-day iteration.

  • Using this tool provides a space to reflect on how the team is functioning, how it can be made a more effective and satisfied unit and helps to identify priorities outside of direct workloads. The framework can then be used to track and encourage the improvements the team wants to make.

  • All members of the team should contribute.

  • This template can also be used as a personal development tool.

  • How to use: Meet and identify areas of improvement together. Validate your reasoning and expectactions. Meet again periodically to review your progress, celebrate achievements and flag further requirements. Start again after the 100 days with new or carried over goals based on your team's priorities.


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Philip White
Senior QA Analyst@Jagex
Certified Scrum Master PSM1. Senior QA and Production Support for RuneScape's Growth Content Team.
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