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Avanscoperta is the go-to learning space for software developers and any professional involved in the digital ecosystem.
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We are a growing community of professionals, and we share a great passion for learning: we like exchanging experiences and ideas and exploring uncharted territories within the software world in its broadest possible meaning.

We strongly believe that high quality always pays off. We carefully select the most relevant topics and the best trainers and thought leaders worldwide. Even in the remote scenario, we prefer practical teaching approaches, with an eye for the most engaging teaching techniques. Start from the problems, not from the solutions: that's the guiding principle we always stick to when building our educational offer.

We want to turn the software world into a better place, and we do all we can to make it happen, one step at a time, learning something new every day. That's why our motto is We Are Learners!

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“A community of excellent trainers and organizers, a place where I can experiment with my newest ideas. Avanscoperta is the space where I can mix my skills with other peers' ones, and the results are some extremely powerful new training products.”
Simone Cicero - Creator of Platform Design Toolkit and Avanscoperta Trainer
“Avanscoperta is the ideal partner to launch new ideas, experiment with new things, and grow together.”
Claudio Perrone - Creator of PopcornFlow and Avanscoperta Trainer
“If you are in the business of helping organizations understand how they really work, EventStorming is an essential tool to have in your kit bag. Deceptively simple, EventStorming is a great way to illustrate both the human and system interactions of a business in all their idiosyncratic tendencies.”
Chris Moore - Thoughtworks
“Strategic Exploration Workshop is a good tool to improve your knowledge about the product/project, highlight your key opportunities, and solve its inconsistency. With SEW it's easy to see the big picture and have all of us (developers, business, UX, etc.) involved. Really good to identify boundaries and context.”
Marcos Suarez - OLX Portugal
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