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ambuzzador is a team of 15 practitioners from Austria with more than 16 years of experience and great joy in (Digital) Product Development, New Work/Leadership, and Digital Agenda Setting.
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Since 2004, ambuzzador has accompanied teams and their projects in profiling and implementing their future projects. ambuzzador creates spaces in which it is a pleasure to try new things and bring them into the world. A quality that is particularly needed in this age of vulnerability (keyword: COVID-19, climate emergency, terrorism) is to focus on the relevant future scenarios in a risk-minimized way.

ambuzzador is a team of 15 practitioners from Austria with 16 years of experience and great joy in (digital) product development, new leading and working, and digital agenda setting - as co-thinkers, operational companions, and experience designers for customers and partners in their future projects (in the areas of Future Design, Product and Service Design and Modern Leadership and Work as well as Digital Agenda Setting. To always identify the next, concrete step to go into implementation with minimal risk in a maximally effective way.

With the backing of critical end customers (as co-creators) and transparent, iterative ways of thinking and working, we succeed in creating concrete results as the basis for directional decisions by the line organization, for leading companies including A1, Austrian Airlines, Bank Austria / Unicredit, BDO, BergSpezl, Böhringer Ingelheim RCV, Citycom, Dell EMC, goood Mobile, IKEA, Jack Daniel's, Jentis, Machland, medbee. org, Nespresso, OMV, Palfinger, Pfizer, Stieglbrauerei, Storylution (, Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, WKO Außenwirtschaft, Qidenus Group ( and the UNIQA Group.

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Operational companions
Experience designers
Partners for your future projects
Iterative practitioners
Creators of transformative total experiences
Future designers
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Austrian Airlines
Jack Daniels
WKO Außenwirtschaft
Qidenus Group (
Unicredit Bank Austria AG
“Miro and ambuzzador have helped us to achieve an incredible transformation in cross-collaboration with international team members within a few days. Easy access, intuitive use, a wide range of quality templates and especially the stability of the platform and the exceptional customer service impress me the most. We have managed to make our collaboration even more efficient and take it to a new level.”
Michael W. Pollaschak, Director Content & Dialogue Marketing at Austrian Airlines
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