What to expect during a Miro job interview

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July 7, 2022

What to expect during a Miro job interview

At Miro we want to set everyone up for success, starting with the interview process. Today we are joined by Ben Craig, Head of Recruitment & Employer Brand, who is telling us tips and tricks on how to get hired at Miro. Find out what we are looking for in our future Mironeers!

We look for authenticity at Miro, so don’t try to be something you’re not. Be humble about what you know (and what you don’t).

The interviewer will expect you to walk them through a problem you’ve navigated and your step-by-step thought processes, execution, and how you measured the success of your solution. Don’t worry too much about what the actual problem was in your example; we’re more interested in your process for handling challenges.

We want to know how you measure success and how you’ve used data to influence your decisions. Tell us how you’ve gotten buy-in from stakeholders, created a sense of urgency, and removed barriers to accelerate change.

Since some of the best learning comes from failing, we embrace failure at Miro. We want to hear about how you’ve run retrospectives (or just reflected) and recapped results from less-than-ideal scenarios.

We care about how you seek to understand others and their problems, as well as how you communicate with empathy, especially when you’re delivering a tough message. Be prepared to give examples of times that you’ve done this.

Share your feedback style

You can expect feedback from anyone in any role. We want to hear about where you’ve given feedback to others and how you did this. We want to know whether the feedback was clear, actionable, and focused on what’s important. We also want to hear about some feedback you’ve received and what you did with it.

Miro is a global company with employees spread across 16 international locations. We want to hear how you work with varied teams, including examples of situations where you’ve used others’ strengths to make collaboration more effective and engaging.

This could be an internal stakeholder or an actual end customer. We want to hear about how you set objectives around their pain points, to meet their needs and how you measured success.

We want to hear about times you’ve set objectives that are tied to bigger picture strategy and in what ways your decisions were informed by a mission and values.

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