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thumbnail for Jira Cards
Jira Cards
  • Stars3.4 (25)
  • Users339K

Visualize, edit, or create Jira tasks directly in Miro

thumbnail for Slack
  • Stars4.7 (9)

Share Miro access, check comments and updates in Slack

thumbnail for Google Drive
Google Drive
  • Stars3.8 (8)
  • Users750K

Import and organize files and edit Google Docs, right from Miro

thumbnail for Azure Cards
Azure Cards
  • Stars2.6 (27)
  • Users445K

Visualize, organize, and plan with Azure cards in Miro

thumbnail for Miro for Google Meet
Miro for Google Meet
  • Users568K

Bring visual collaboration and interaction to hybrid meetings with Miro in Meet

thumbnail for Miro for Microsoft Teams
Miro for Microsoft Teams
  • Stars5.0 (1)
  • Users1.7M

Use Miro across your Teams space, calendar, meetings, and tabs

thumbnail for Asana Cards
Asana Cards
  • Stars4.0 (2)
  • Users13K

Import Asana tasks as cards onto a digital whiteboard

thumbnail for CA Agile Central (Rally)
CA Agile Central (Rally)
  • Users19K

Import your CA Agile Central tasks as handy cards

thumbnail for Smartsheet
  • Users84K

Convert Miro ideas into Smartsheet project plans

thumbnail for Box
  • Users3.2K

Import and organize Box files right inside Miro

thumbnail for Dropbox
  • Stars5.0 (1)
  • Users9.6K

Import and work with your Dropbox files right inside Miro

thumbnail for monday.com (Miro Embed)
monday.com (Miro Embed)
  • Stars4.0 (4)

Easily work with live, editable Miro boards inside monday.com

thumbnail for OneDrive
  • Stars2.2 (5)
  • Users53K

Import and work with OneDrive files right inside Miro

thumbnail for Trello (Miro Power-Up)
Trello (Miro Power-Up)
  • Stars4.0 (4)

Attach Miro boards to Trello cards to save time and share context

thumbnail for Confluence
  • Users18K

Collaborate across Miro and Confluence with a 2-way sync

thumbnail for Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Users4.8K

Upload files and collaborate on them with your team.

thumbnail for Miro for Zoom
Miro for Zoom
  • Users84K

Collaborate with your team on Miro directly inside Zoom

thumbnail for Miro for Webex
Miro for Webex
  • Stars5.0 (3)

Use Miro across your Webex space — from meetings to messaging

thumbnail for Miro app for Splunk
Miro app for Splunk

Insights from Miro Enterprise Audit Logs

thumbnail for Adobe XD
Adobe XD
  • Stars5.0 (1)
  • Users13K

Share and collaborate on Adobe XD designs and prototypes in Miro

thumbnail for Airtable (Miro Embed)
Airtable (Miro Embed)
  • Users14K

Easily work with live, editable Miro boards inside Airtable

thumbnail for Images & Icons: Unsplash
Images & Icons: Unsplash
  • Users104K

Browse, search and add images from Unsplash

thumbnail for Timeline builder
Timeline builder
  • Stars3.2 (9)
  • Users41K

The easy way to visualize your team’s work on a timeline

thumbnail for Miro Plugin for Figma
Miro Plugin for Figma
  • Stars1.8 (15)
  • Users37K

Import Figma files to Miro to review as a team and share feedback

thumbnail for Miro for Google Calendar
Miro for Google Calendar
  • Users< 100

Attach and share Miro boards ahead of meetings and workshops

thumbnail for Video Chat
Video Chat
  • Stars2.1 (7)
  • Users< 100

Boost team activities with video chat right inside Miro

thumbnail for Zapier

Import items from 1500+ apps to your team boards

thumbnail for Miro for Sketch
Miro for Sketch

Add and sync Sketch artboards to Miro in one click.

thumbnail for Images & Icons: Iconfinder
Images & Icons: Iconfinder
  • Users21K

Browse, search and add icons from Iconfinder

thumbnail for Chat

Start live discussions right on the board.

thumbnail for Jira Add-On (Miro Embed)
Jira Add-On (Miro Embed)
  • Users1.9K

Embed and access your Miro boards right from Jira.

thumbnail for Typeform
  • Stars1.0 (1)

Embed live Typeform surveys in Miro

thumbnail for Google Auth
Google Auth

Use Google credentials to securely log in to Miro.

thumbnail for Office 365 Auth
Office 365 Auth

Log in to Miro using your Microsoft credentials.

thumbnail for Slack Auth
Slack Auth

Quickly register with Slack credentials.

thumbnail for Microsoft Active Directory
Microsoft Active Directory

Get secure single sign-on and provisioning with ADFS.

thumbnail for One Login
One Login

Get secure SSO and provisioning with OneLogin.

thumbnail for Bitium

Use SCIM and SAML to connect to Bitium SSO.

thumbnail for Azure Active Directory
Azure Active Directory

Get secure SSO and SCIM user provisioning

thumbnail for RSA Secure ID
RSA Secure ID

Use SCIM and SAML to connect to RSA SSO.

thumbnail for Okta

Get secure single sign-on and provisioning with Okta.

thumbnail for SCIM API

Provision, manage and de-provision users and teams.

thumbnail for Miro Web Clipper
Miro Web Clipper

Save screenshots and send them right to boards.

thumbnail for SAML

Secure access to Miro with SAML 2.0-based SSO.

thumbnail for Centrify

Use SCIM and SAML to connect to Centrify SSO.

thumbnail for YouTube: Create clips from videos
YouTube: Create clips from videos
  • Stars5.0 (1)
  • Users129K

Embed full YouTube videos directly in Miro

thumbnail for Vimeo

Embed and play Vimeo videos right into Miro boards

thumbnail for Dropbox Paper
Dropbox Paper

Add Miro boards to Dropbox Paper docs

thumbnail for ServiceNow ITSM
ServiceNow ITSM

Centralize request management

thumbnail for PlantUML
  • Stars2.3 (3)
  • Users17K

Easily create and import diagrams with a plain text language

thumbnail for Mermaid
  • Stars2.7 (9)
  • Users14K

Easily create and import diagrams with Markdown-inspired syntax

thumbnail for Loom

Embed and play Loom videos right into Miro boards

thumbnail for Wistia

Embed and play Wistia videos right into Miro boards

thumbnail for Medium (Miro embed)
Medium (Miro embed)

Embed interactive Miro boards into Medium articles

thumbnail for Draw.io Diagrams
Draw.io Diagrams
  • Stars5.0 (7)
  • Users100K

Bring technical documents and people together in one workspace.

thumbnail for AWS Cost Calculator
AWS Cost Calculator
  • Stars5.0 (1)
  • Users1.5K

Create AWS service cost estimates and optimize spend

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