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As the Head of Operations, I look to measure and validate the ways we solve problems so collaboration happens efficiently, produces high quality outcomes, and maximizes the value from the resources used.

Recently, we’ve had lots of candidates asking about our company’s performance and opportunity. So today, I’m sharing some insights into what’s ahead for Miro in the next fiscal year.

From the get-go, Miro has been focused on 2 key business fundamentals:

  • Building a market-leading product that users love
  • Running a highly effective and efficient business that’s propelled by product-led growth

At Miro, we aim to empower teams to create their next big thing by providing the best solutions for collaboration. There are 1 billion knowledge workers in the world that would benefit from a platform for collaboration in this hybrid environment — which means the market that we’re going after is sizable. And, while we are the market leader with more than 40 million users, we are just starting to scratch the surface of the opportunity.

Our number one goal is to provide a product and service that delights our customers. By targeting this objective, we will be well-positioned to continue to grow, capture additional market share and expand our leadership position in the months — and years — to come.

Historically, Miro’s performance has been best in class compared to a number of SaaS benchmarks. This past January, we announced our Series C round — raising $400m — and we still have Series A and Series B money on hand. We’ve had exceptional growth while maintaining a strong cash position, and we’ve built — and continue to manage — our business to produce best-in-class efficiency. This combination of high-revenue growth and operational efficiency has put us in an enviable position for the future.

In this new fiscal year, Miro will continue to hire and bring outstanding, talented individuals into our company. We’ve always been mindful about each hire that we make, and we’ll continue to approach our hiring in this way. We’re confident that all the hires we’ve made are needed and add necessary value to our business.

At Miro, we’re not only led by our mission, we are guided by our values:

  • Play as a team to win the world. We work, learn, and celebrate in collaboration, rather than alone.
  • Practice empathy to gain insight. We look from the perspectives of customers, users, and each other to deepen understanding.
  • Focus on impact and make it happen. We dream big, prioritize outcomes that matter most, and own our commitments.
  • Learn, grow, and drive change. We reflect openly on our successes and failures and apply learnings for our work, team, and self-development.

Miro is well-positioned, with a strong balance sheet and a significant product and market opportunity in front of us. We are poised for solid growth and ready to iterate our best-in-class product. We are focused on our long-term success and growing Miro into an iconic, multi-generational company.

Come join us.


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