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Join a team on a mission, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We are looking for new Mironeers to help us build a world where teams can create together seamlessly, regardless of location.

Empowering teams to create the next big thing

At Miro we help 60 million users to dream, design, and build the future together on our visual workspace for innovation. Our mission is to empower teams to create the next big thing.

  • We embrace change.

    • Together we’ll develop skills that amplify your professional development and enrich your life.

    • We offer internal promotion opportunities, vertical and horizontal.

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  • Make an impact on a global scale.

    • We are truly global - you’ll be inspired by a range of nationalities, identities, and perspectives. Gender parity across teams is our big goal.

    • We have 12 Hubs, across 8 time zones. Feel connected - we have an open, human, and authentic culture and value collaboration.

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  • Create something users
love, and you do, too.

    • Excellent eNPS score: 60

    • User scores avg 4.5/5

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  • Our time is now.

    • The global "shift to hybrid" has elevated the need for Miro and this is just the beginning. We serve more than 60 million Miro users worldwide.

    • We are 1,800 Mironeers strong and growing, across the United States, Asia-Pacific and Europe. 99% of the Fortune 100 use Miro.

    • Miro has been ranked #4 on Forbes Cloud list of 2022.

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Life at Miro

Read the stories behind the people, places, and culture that make up a life at Miro.

Our Values

Our values are woven into everything we do.

  • Play as a team to win the world

    We work, learn and celebrate in collaboration rather than alone.

  • Focus on impact and make it happen

    We dream big, prioritize outcomes that matter most, and own our commitments

  • Practise empathy to gain insight

    We look from the perspective of customers, users, and each other, to deepen understanding.

  • Learn, grow and drive change

    We reflect openly on our successes and failures and apply learnings for our work, team, and self-development.

Explore our teams

Miro truly lives collaboration. We are a global team of nearly 1,800 dreamers, thinkers, builders, storytellers, engineers and designers. We dream big, aim high, and let our failures inform our future successes.

More than 60 million users worldwide and 99% of the Fortune 100 trust Miro for visual collaboration. Whether you’re working on the Front-end, Back-end, Core Product, QA, Data, or API, you’re a part of Miro’s Engineering team. Every day is an interesting new challenge to create business-critical tools that are changing the way the world works.

A globally beloved tool isn’t only valued for its functionality, but for the experience it provides each and every customer. Our Design team embodies our collaborative values in producing best-in-class solutions to support sustainable company growth.

Through ensuring collaboration becomes more diverse, intuitive, accessible, and delightful, we’re working in real-time to power the future of work.

Our award-winning platform has been recognized by G2, Fast Company, SMB Tech 50 and more. As a member of the Product team, you’ll be at the heart of the action, creating core value for our users and customers of all types in a diverse set of scenarios and working cross-functionally to conduct research, experiment, and deliver new solutions.

Take your career to the next level and join Miro’s Customer Experience team. We engage, equip, and empower our users to do their jobs and achieve business outcomes with a product they love. By driving activation, engagement, and retention through a comprehensive ecosystem of delightful, data-driven experiences, we aim to change the way the world works for each and every user.

Our Legal team is a collaborative group of talented problem solvers who know how to get things done. Armed with a transparent and positive team culture built on continuous learning, we work collectively to mitigate risk and provide quality legal support for Miro in a scalable and customer-centric way.

We partner with clients at the top of their game. As part of Miro’s Sales team, you will join a highly motivated, energetic team that takes pride in growing customer relationships, running strategic sales cycles, and delivering the Miro value proposition to a diverse base of accounts across various industries.

At Miro, our people are the secret to our dazzling culture, incredible product, and ongoing success . On the People team, we are responsible for all People processes and metrics, indirectly affecting almost every company goal, with the aim of making Miro the best place to work and supporting our employees in building a product worthy of love.

When you join the Operations team, you’ll work across the business to drive critical initiatives, identify areas of investment, and generally support the strategic and operational agenda of the leadership team and the business.

With Brand, Growth Marketing, Product Marketing, Community, Enterprise Marketing, and Communications under our Miro team umbrella, our Marketing team lives and breathes our collaborative values.

Our mission is to share the joy and benefits of Miro with the world, creating a global brand synonymous with team collaboration that enables every user and client to create the future together.

The Data & Analytics team at Miro has a clear mission: use data to make better decisions. With our different areas of expertise (marketing, product, growth, sales, and business technology, to name a few), we work cross-functionally to empower each other to make the best decisions possible by providing accurate, timely, and actionable insight.

Through rigorous analysis, experimentation, and predictive modeling, we help our customers maximize collaboration at-scale and drive for success.

Our mission is to grow Miro as fast and as profitably as possible. When you join the Financial Reporting & Controls team, you’ll contribute to providing accurate financials, building our financial infrastructure, and ensuring smooth operations. Come create a world we can see. Together.

As a member of the Information Technology team, you’ll get to be a part of implementing and maximizing investments in technology and systems by maintaining an architecture that’s scalable across the organization.

Help us improve user workflows, de-risk business processes, and enable key business outcomes.

Miro Together: Hybrid strategy

  • Our best work happens when we build strong working relationships with each other. We believe that a flexible mix of in-person and remote co-creation works best for everyone. For this reason, we remain committed to a hub-centric, hybrid working model. We call it Miro Together.
  • Team days

    Learn from each other, share insights and build skills.

    Team days
  • Culture days

    Build connections and foster culture through shared experiences.

    Culture days

12 hubs around the world and beyond

We come together to co-create in real time, move ideas forward, and continue the conversation after the meeting is done.

Still have questions?

Our business language is English, and while we are an international company with many languages spoken, we encourage you to apply in English.

Absolutely! Please reach out to your contact and ask them to submit your candidacy as a referral (we have a very well-regulated referral program). Or, if you decide to apply directly, please go ahead, and our respective recruiting specialist will contact you.

Since 2023, we have our Associate Product Management (APM) program and recruit each year during the Fall/Winter.

As of Spring 2024, we opened our first-ever graduate opportunities for aspiring Product Designers and Software Engineers.

Make sure to check out our listings, when open, for more information!

Face-to-face interviews are an option alongside a virtual interview. It will depend on the role's location and other details. Your respective recruiting partner will walk you through the process and align on the best possible set-up.

You can learn more about the benefits you receive at Miro at the end of each job description.

At Miro, we have a global Career Map - a framework which we use to explain, design and develop our organization as well as to define, facilitate and track the career growth of Mironeers. In alignment with this Map, we have a title structure that includes public roles and private levels and titles.

For individual performance measurement, we’re conducting a bi-annual review of each Mironeer’s performance through peer and manager feedback. The process involves all Mironeers who have been in the company for longer than 4 months. A significant part of this performance review is a strengths-based feedback and development areas discussion, together with feedback against our behavior rubric (4 stages rubric highlighting expected behavior based on company culture values). The expected outcome of every performance review is actionable feedback that can lead to a growth plan and personal OKRs.

Ready to go beyond?