Miro’s Head of Growth Marketing: How we’re innovating and evolving

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February 16, 2024

Miro’s Head of Growth Marketing: How we’re innovating and evolving

Growth marketing is a big word. Every company defines it differently and uses different approaches to achieve it. But at the end of the day, we’ve all got the same general mindset: it’s about using and experimenting with data to accelerate the company’s success. From there, the goals, strategies, processes, and measurements are all up to us. That’s where the challenge (and the fun) lies.

I’m Eitan, and I’ve been Miro’s Head of Growth Marketing for the last 3 and a half years. 

It’s been a remarkable journey so far with the dynamic, brilliant, and diverse team of Growth Marketers at Miro. I’m proud to say that we’re at the forefront of the field, doing things that many others aren’t. And we’re just getting started.

Let’s take a look at Miro’s growth marketing teams, what we’re up to, and the opportunities for growth marketers who want to be a part of something big.

A glimpse into Miro’s growth marketing team

Growth marketing is part of Miro’s marketing department. When I started here we were a team of 5 – now we’re over 50. We’ve scaled a lot in a short time. 

At Miro the growth marketing team is empowered and self-sufficient. This means that every team inside the team has its marketers, as well as resources that are fully embedded into the teams, including front-end and back-end engineers, business analysts, designers, and copywriters.

Because every growth marketing team is empowered with these embedded roles and skill sets, they’re incredibly dynamic. There’s no need to reach out to other teams to get things done, so they can move and execute very fast. This is really special, and something that isn’t common in other companies.

The growth marketing team at Miro is made up of four different teams: 

  • Paid marketing
  • Organic growth
  • Lifecycle marketing
  • Website

The paid marketing team uses paid channels to drive traffic, while the organic team drives traffic through organic tactics. Both of these teams are responsible for Miro’s top-of-the-funnel traffic. Once this traffic reaches the website, the responsibility is transferred from these teams to the website team. 

The website team is responsible for updating content on the website, as well as working closely with the product marketing team, the Search Engine Optimization team, and other stakeholders in the company. This team is responsible for the site’s tech stack and infrastructure, building new capabilities on the website, both on content and the backend. They’re constantly running experiments to improve the site’s user experience and conversion rates.

The lifecycle marketing team is responsible for communicating with our existing user base. We’re using this channel to talk to existing customers, not as an acquisition channel. This team works to help users have more success with the product, understand how to use it, and gain value faster. Lifecycle marketing works very closely with the product teams on the entire user journey starting after registration.

How we innovate and experiment

Each team is performing exceptionally and has a lot of big wins under their belt. It’s a creative, laser-focused environment that we’re all proud to be a part of.

We don’t compromise on how we measure performance and results. We deploy a lot of advanced analytical frameworks to make sure we’re measuring correctly, with each channel using its own unique framework.

Here are just a few of the things we’ve achieved together.

  • The website team managed to improve conversion rates on the Miro site by close to 100% in one year.
  • The paid marketing team was able to develop and successfully implement a state-of-the-art predictive analysis model that’s actively driving better results on paid marketing channels. 
  • The organic team led the full localization efforts of the company, enabling Miro to grow substantially in terms of traffic, exposure, and new users in several global markets.
  • The lifecycle marketing team is constantly running unique experiments on communication and the way we’re measuring contribution.

We’re also working closely with the finance team to figure out exactly what our lifetime value is. For example, how do we incorporate direct value and indirect value? We’ve done a lot of work in this area but there are still many interesting problems to solve here.

Miro’s growth: Our philosophy on building and scaling

The growth we’ve achieved so far is a result of hard work, strong leadership, empowered teams, continuous learning and development, and an overall great organizational culture (among other things!). 

At Miro, we work with the OKR framework, which stands for objectives and key results. Every team has clear OKRs they’re contributing to, with their own commitments. 

We believe it’s not about the amount of things you do—it’s about choosing the right things that actually drive impact and move the metrics that are directly related to your goals and commitments.

Our commitments are challenging and reflect the growth we want to achieve year over year in different parts of the business to support Miro’s greater goals. We focus on prioritizing efforts with the highest impact, and think carefully about how every team can deliver on that impact.

Thinking about joining Miro’s growth marketing team? Here’s what you can expect

There are big opportunities for growth marketers who want to join the Miro team. We’re a multinational company made up of people from more than 100 nationalities, which makes for a diverse and distinctive culture. 

The real secret sauce is Miro’s incredible culture and values—it’s just a great place to come every day and be part of. (If you’re not familiar with them, read more about our company values.)

In the growth marketing team, every one of our teams is at the forefront of their field. We’re working on industry-defining projects across global markets, which means working at Miro is a chance to see your work operating at a large scale, with big results. 

We’re rapidly growing together and evolving with the industry, with new team members gaining significant responsibility quickly. And because we make data-driven decisions, even the most junior team members can influence decisions.

What does the future of growth marketing hold?

From channel saturation to navigating regulatory changes to embracing (and bracing for) AI, growth marketers will face a lot of new challenges. But on the other side of those challenges are huge possibilities.

With paid marketing, every channel is becoming more expensive every year, with more competition. Part of the solution to this is finding new channels to play in with our campaigns.

I think that going into a cookie-less world will have a significant impact on how people operate. It affects how companies optimize and make decisions about what they do, and how they measure the impact of their work. It’s a key challenge going forward.

When it comes to organic, changing search engine results pages (SERPs) will keep presenting new challenges. This is especially true as AI is on its way to being fully incorporated into search results. The organic base of search results will become smaller and more limited, which is another big challenge for organic growth marketers.

AI: A necessary skill set for tomorrow’s growth marketer

There are a lot of open questions around AI:

  • What should you do with it?
  • How should you use AI to scale your work and become more efficient?
  • Should you use AI to generate content? If yes, in what way, and to which degree?
  • Will Google at some point penalize AI content?
  • (And infinitely more)

There are a ton of uncertainties and no clear-cut answers. At the end of the day, I believe AI is a superpower.

Every marketer, whether you’re a growth marketer or another type, needs to figure out how to use AI to leverage your work and become more efficient. You’ll need to figure out how to do things that you’re not currently capable of doing by yourself.

AI is huge and will become big, big, big, in the next few years. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but marketers who don’t take the time to develop their capabilities working with AI will be left behind.

Calling all growth marketers—emphasis on growth

Miro is an exceptional company. We have a great product and an innovative vision, and our mission as a company is to empower other teams to create the next big thing. I truly believe that our product enables people to perform better. 

From the diversity of people to the culture of the company to a product that delivers real value, there’s a lot of opportunity for growth marketers who want to help grow Miro while growing with us.

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