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At Miro, we are a global team of 1,800 dreamers, thinkers, builders, storytellers, engineers and designers.

We dream big, aim high, and let our failures inform our future successes.

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Open positions

Prepare yourself to go beyond

Here are some helpful tips to ensure you have all the correct information throughout our hiring process.

  • 01. Recruiter Screen

    A 30-min interview to discuss your relevant skills, perspective on resilience, experience, and what motivates you to join Miro.

  • 02. Hiring Manager

    The hiring manager will meet to discuss your experience and fit for the role by assessing whether you align with the Miro Mindset (Curiosity, Drive, Resilience, Empathy, Cognitive Agility & Accountability). This interview usually takes 90-120 minutes.

  • 03. Skill Assesment

    An interactive presentation to see your skills in action, based around a particular case study or business problem.

  • 04. Meet the Team

    Here you will meet cross-functional stakeholders, and we will ask evidence-based questions to evaluate how well you align with the role and Miro's values and culture.

  • 05. Leadership Round

    Meet a member of the leadership team to discuss Miro’s company values and share your vision for success at Miro. 

Miro Together: Hybrid strategy

  • Our best work happens when we build strong working relationships with each other. We believe that a flexible mix of in-person and remote co-creation works best for everyone. For this reason, we remain committed to a hub-centric, hybrid working model. We call it Miro Together.
  • Team days

    Learn from each other, share insights and build skills.

    Team days
  • Culture days

    Build connections and foster culture through shared experiences.

    Culture days

Still have questions?

Miro Mindset is a collection of characteristics which we believe are critical for anyone to have and continually develop while working at Miro. We believe that talent who possess these skills are more likely to not only perform at their best, but also thrive in our unique culture. The Miro Mindset consists of six key traits:

1. Curiosity: Actively seeks new information, questions assumptions, and embraces experimentation to solve problems. 2. Drive: Possesses a relentless ambition, intrinsic motivation, and a commitment to exceed expectations while addressing challenges. 3. Resilience: Maintains optimism and emotional stability, learns from adversity, and sees challenges as opportunities for growth. 4. Empathy: Connects with others, shows compassion, and fosters social bonds, promoting a collective over individual mindset. 5. Cognitive Agility: Adapts to change, remains open to new ideas, and skillfully handles conflicting viewpoints. 6. Accountability: Takes full ownership, collaborates on solutions, and challenges the status quo when necessary.

We will assess the six key characteristics during two stages of our interview process: the Recruiter Screen and the Hiring Manager Interview. To prepare for the Miro Mindset Interview, please learn more here.

Miro Behaviors are the foundational elements that define us as Mironeers, shaping our work ethic and guiding our decision-making processes. These behaviors are integral to our culture, serving as our cultural code and common language within Miro. They describe how we operate and interact within our organization, ensuring that everyone aligns with our core values and principles.

Our business language is English, and while we are an international company with many languages spoken, we encourage you to apply in English.

Absolutely! Please reach out to your contact and ask them to submit your candidacy as a referral (we have a very well-regulated referral program). Or, if you decide to apply directly, please go ahead, and our respective recruiting specialist will contact you.

Since 2023, we have our Associate Product Management (APM) program and recruit each year during the Fall/Winter.

As of Spring 2024, we opened our first-ever graduate opportunities for aspiring Product Designers and Software Engineers.

Make sure to check out our listings, when open, for more information!

Face-to-face interviews are an option alongside a virtual interview. It will depend on the role's location and other details. Your respective recruiting partner will walk you through the process and align on the best possible set-up.

You can learn more about the benefits you receive at Miro at the end of each job description.

At Miro, we have a global Career Map - a framework which we use to explain, design and develop our organization as well as to define, facilitate and track the career growth of Mironeers. In alignment with this Map, we have a title structure that includes public roles and private levels and titles.

To measure individual performance, we conduct a bi-annual review for each Mironeer, incorporating feedback from both peers and managers. Performance is assessed based on expectations, focusing on both goals (the What) and Miro Behaviors (the How).

This process applies to all Mironeers who have been with the company for more than four months. A key element of the review is a discussion on strengths and development areas, alongside feedback on Miro Behaviors. The goal of each performance review is to provide actionable feedback that can lead to a growth plan and personal OKRs.

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