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Miro Miro Miro
We are building
a better tool for
collaborative work
Miro is the visual collaboration and
digital whiteboard platform that
enables distributed teams around the
world to work together as if they were
in one room. We have over 5M users and
more than 300% growth year over year.
Miro Miro
We don't just
talk the talk,
we walk the walk
Our offices and
teams span the
globe and are a
testament to our
belief in the power
of collaboration
without constraints.
Miro Miro Miro Miro Miro Miro
is at the
of what
we do
Miro Our values ↓
Yes to
passion, no
to bullshit
To create a great product, you must first have the passion and drive to work on it and improve it every day.
Viktor, Lead DevOps Engineer at Miro
Lead DevOps Engineer
Play as a
team to win
the world
I use a product I love everyday and have faith in the direction that my colleagues are taking the company. It's a remarkable community to be part of.
Matt, Customer Education Manager at Miro
Customer Education Manager
a better
version of
every day
We push ourselves to set ambitious goals, try new things, and share what we’ve learned along the way.
Suzanne, Director of demand & growth marketing at Miro
Director of demand &
growth marketing
trust to
turn failure
into wins
The executive team put their projects on hold and helped when our team had difficulties. Such an exceptional experience I've never had before.
Mustafa, Account Manager at Miro
Account Manager
Dare to
dream big
and work
We have a strong desire to not only create a tool, but change the way people collaborate, communicate and harness creativity across the world.
Oleg, Platform Team Lead at Miro
Platform Team Lead
change and
be open
Doing the most you can to make the company the best it can be, in addition to being honest with yourself about the actions you take.
Zach, Sales Development Representative at Miro
Sales Development Representative
International offices
Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, US
Amsterdam, NL
Perm, RU
Miro Hackathon
Miro Hackathon
Miro Hackathon
Miro Hackathon
Miro Offsite 2019
Miro Competitive salary
Miro Learning & development
Miro Full medical coverage
Miro Catered lunches
Miro Flexible PTO
Miro Company equity
Miro Fun team
Miro 401K plan
Miro Team events
Miro Competitive salary
Miro Company equity
Miro Learning and development
Miro Fun team
Miro Health insurance reimbursement
Miro Catered lunches
Miro Commute reimbursement
Miro Team events
Miro Co-working community
Miro Competitive salary
Miro Company equity
Miro Learning and development
Miro Fun team
Miro Health insurance
Miro Inspiring office
Miro Breakfasts, dinners, and snacks
Miro Team events
Miro Hackathons, meetups, conferences
We have 86 openings
We have
86 openings
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