Totally Random

Totally Random

Totally Random

by Refractive

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If your Miro boards or the meetings you lead need a little serendipity or randomness, you can reach for Totally Random.

Totally Random is a randomization toolkit to help you select, group or rearrange items randomly, with four starter tools:

  • Pick 1 item at random.
  • Pick a number between a min and max.
  • Divide a group of items into X number of even random groups.
  • Shuffle a group items’ positions randomly.

Key Features:

  • Pick 1 item at random: Select several widgets on your board and use Totally Random to pick one at random.
  • Pick a number at random: Write a minimum number on one sticky and a maximum number on another, select the two and Totally Random will generate 1 or more random numbers between them.
  • Divide into a certain number of random groups: Select any number of board items and choose how many random groups you’d like to divide them into. Totally Random will do the division math and nicely layout that many random groups.
  • Shuffle Positions: Select a group of widgets on a board and Totally Random will swap their positions randomly.

How to Use:

  • Facilitators: Divide up random groups of people and/or their assigned discussion topic(s). Decide who speaks first, who buys lunch or wins the raffle prize.
  • Strategizing/design thinking: Randomly choose topics, ceremonies, or concept combinations. Shuffle a collection of items whose positions have become too known, too predictable, or stale.
  • Teachers/students: Games, quizzes, studying (flip cards). Shuffle cards, run the equivalent of dice, and coin tosses.
  • Create buzzwords: Create a list of jargon adverbs, verbs, adjectives, or nouns. Run the ‘select 1 item’ tool on each column then combine results for a buzzword. Then coin that buzzword, make it super popular, build and lead an entire new industry around it.

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