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If you regularly collaborate on complex Miro boards, and often find yourself panning and zooming to return to that one frame you need to regularly update, the Bookmarks app is for you. Simply select an item, or pan to a location, and create a bookmark that you or any other editor on that board can use to return there in future.

Item bookmarks will return you to that item even if it moves around on the board, while location bookmarks will return you to the same view of the board no matter how the content has changed. Create a bookmark for your team's OKRs, or set up bookmarks in advance to help participants navigate around a workshop or event board.

This app requires the following permissions:

- read access to your boards in order to access your current selection
- write access to your boards in order to save your bookmarks to each board

No board data is transferred out of the user's browser or stored outside of Miro.

Key Features:

- Quickly return to board items or locations that you often need
- Create shared bookmarks to help other collaborators navigate around on complex boards

How to Connect:

Just install and use!

Helpful Links:

Required permissions

  • Read and modify boards users have access to


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